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Domain Appraisal Services

Expert Valuation for Your Premium Domain Names

At Techie Domains, we understand the importance of accurate domain appraisals for startups and businesses looking to upgrade their online branding. Our domain appraisal service is designed to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your domain name’s worth, taking into account various factors that contribute to its value. Starting at just $199 for a single domain, our appraisal services are both affordable and reliable, with bulk discounts available for five or more domains.

What Our Domain Appraisal Covers:

  1. Domain Age & History
    We assess the age and historical significance of your domain, as older domains are often considered more valuable due to their established presence and SEO benefits.
  2. Keyword Relevance
    We analyze the relevance and popularity of the keywords in your domain name, determining their potential for driving targeted traffic to your website.
  3. Search Engine Ranking Potential
    Our experts evaluate the SEO potential of your domain name, including its ability to rank well in search engine results for relevant keywords and phrases.
  4. Brandability
    We assess the memorability, uniqueness, and overall appeal of your domain name from a branding perspective, considering factors such as spelling, pronunciation, and length.
  5. Comparable Sales Data (Comps)
    We research recent sales of similar domain names in the market, using this data to determine a realistic valuation range for your domain.
  6. Market Demand & Trends
    Our team will analyze the current market demand and trends related to your domain’s niche or industry, helping you understand its potential worth in the current market climate.


  • Single Domain Appraisal: $199
  • Bulk Discounts: Enjoy significant savings when you submit five or more domains for appraisal. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Why Choose Our Domain Appraisal Services?

  1. Expert Analysis
    Our team of experienced domain professionals is well-versed in the intricacies of domain valuation, ensuring that you receive an accurate and reliable assessment of your domain’s worth.
  2. Comprehensive Approach
    We consider a wide range of factors in our appraisal process, providing you with a detailed understanding of your domain’s value and market potential.
  3. Fast Turnaround
    We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to domain investments. Our team is committed to providing a quick and efficient appraisal, so you can make informed decisions about your domain portfolio.
  4. Confidentiality
    We respect your privacy and will handle your domain appraisal with the utmost discretion, ensuring that your sensitive information remains confidential.

Our domain appraisal services provide the expert analysis and insights you need to make informed decisions about your domain investments. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or simply assess the value of your current domain portfolio, trust Techie Domains to deliver an accurate and comprehensive appraisal. Contact us today to get started on your domain appraisal journey.